How to Replace the WiFi Card in an Asus G50V Laptop

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of replacing your WiFi card in an Asus G50V laptop. I replaced the Intel WiFi card with an AzureWave card so that I would have WiFi while running Mac OS X Mavericks. However, the process will be the same regardless of the brand of WiFi card used.

Remove the Screws for the Back Panel

Make sure that your laptop is off and the battery is removed. Then remove the 12 screws marked on the image below and take the rear panel off.

Remove Case Screws Asus G50V


Remove the Panel

This is what you should see with the panel removed. The WiFi card is in the upper left hand corner.

Remove the Panel from the Asus G50V


Intel Wifi Card

This is the Intel WiFi card that comes installed in the Asus G50V.

Intel WiFi Card Asus G50V


 Remove the Antenna Wires

Remove the two antenna wires as indicated in the picture. Gently pry them up using your fingernails. Make sure you note which antenna is which, the card is numbered 1 and 2.

Remove the Antenna Wires


Remove the Screws

Remove the two screws holding the WiFi card in place. Save the screws as you will use them to secure the new card in place.

Remove the Screws Securing the WiFi Card

Remove the Tape

Remove the tape that is holding down another cable.  You will not need the cable, but save the tape for when you re-install the WiFi card.

Remove the Tape from the WiFi Card


Remove the WiFi Card

Now, gently slide the WiFi card out of its socket. It should slide out without too much force needed.

Remove the WiFi Card


Insert the New WiFI Card

Now, insert the new WiFi card into the slot. Use the same two screws to fasten the new card in place and reattach the two antenna wires.

Insert the New WiFi Card



Now reapply the tape to hold down the extra wire and you should be finished. Reattach the case panel and reinsert the battery. You should now have a working Asus G50V laptop with a new WiFi card.

New WiFi Card Installed in an Asus G50V


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