WordPress is Simple and Effective

WordPressWhen I decided to put Jeff Reviews Stuff online, I needed to decide what to use to manage the site. I have used Joomla in the past, but Joomla can be slow and seemed like overkill for my needs. After doing a little research, I decided to try WordPress. Setup was fast and easy. I am using GoDaddy to host JeffReviewsStuff.com, so I could have simply clicked on the install WordPress on GoDaddy’s website, but I decided to set up the database myself and uploaded the latest version of WordPress via FTP. Once uploaded, I only needed to follow the setup path and WordPress was up and running. I tried out a couple of the preinstalled themes, but did not like the look and feel of them. I wanted something clean and simple, so after some looking I found WooThemes.com. I downloaded a couple of their free themes and decided on Mystile. Mystile is one of Woothemes free themes and looked OK with the default settings, but I wanted to tweak it for my own use. After some changes to the CSS files, I managed to get the look and feel that I wanted. There were a few things I had to fix in the CSS file, but for a free theme, I am not complaining.

So, if you want to setup a blog or a simple to manage website, I would recommend WordPress.

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