Said Goodbye to my Old Craftsman Socket Set

My Old Craftsman Socket Set

Today I went through the tools in my garage and found this sad looking Craftsman Socket Set case with about half of the sockets missing.  I sorted the sockets and put them in a metal tin and finally said goodbye to this set. I bought this particular socket set in 1993.  It was my first set of tools. I was sad to say goodbye, but it was time to let it go. Of course, I kept the three ratchets (which still work as smooth as they did when new 21 years ago) and the remaining sockets, but the tabs on the case were broken and I decided to throw the case away. I have a new Craftsman socket and wrench set that my Wife bought for me last Christmas, so it was time.

New Craftsman Socket Set

This is the new set. So shiny. I have nothing but good things to say about my Craftsman tools and they are my personal preference when buying new tools. You can get Craftsman tools at Sears.

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