Goodbye Windows XP I Knew Thee Well

Windows XPGoodbye Windows XP, I knew thee well. Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014. So, no more Window’s updates, no more Service Packs and no more security patches. I switched to Windows 7 and Mac OS X for my personal computers, so I am covered. Although, I am still using Windows XP on two of my computers, they are an exception, as both are used in MAME cabinets. MAME is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and it is used for emulating classic arcade games on a computer. These computers sit inside a classic arcade cabinet and are never connected to the Internet, so no need for me to upgrade either of them.

Up until about 6 months ago, I had a copy of Windows XP running on my laptop as a dual boot with Windows 7. I had Windows XP installed because I wanted access to a program that did not work on Windows 7. When that program was updated, I was able to say goodbye to XP for good. Sadly, just two months ago, the company I work for was still using Windows XP. They, like many other businesses, did not want to spend the money to upgrade until they had to. Windows XP was working fine, so there had ben no motivation to upgrade until Microsoft dropped support. However, they did upgrade to Windows 7 and I even got a shiny new laptop out of the deal.

I will always have a fondness for Windows XP. It was a solid OS with excellent functionality for network administration. It was not a resource hog and allowed a lot of people to keep an older computer because it still ran quick enough for most tasks.

Hopefully Microsoft will continue support for Windows 7 for just as long, since Windows 8 is so dreadful. Maybe Windows 9 will be better.

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