Mountain Dew throwback

Mountain Dew throwbackI recently bought a case of Mountain Dew throwback in 12 oz cans.  I was curious, as the throwback edition of Mountain Dew uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Supposedly the use of real sugar means that it is real good, or so the can says.

So, after allowing the soda to cool properly, I opened up a can of the real sugar goodness.  It was nice and cold, however the taste and carbonation seemed different.  It did not seem to have as much carbonation as the regular Mountain Dew, not a show stopper, but different none the less.  As far as taste goes, well, it was just weak.  It did not seem to have anywhere near the flavor of regular Mountain Dew and the sugar left a taste in your mouth, not bad but noticeable.  It seemed like it was a watered down version of Mountain Dew.

I am no expert on tasting, but being a gamer, I have had more than my share of Mountain Dew over the years and I can say I will not buy the throwback edition again.


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