Installing MameUI64 on Windows

I wrote this tutorial for the Roms and More website and decided to post it here too.  This tutorial will guide you through the basics of installing and running MameUI64 onto your Windows 64-bit based computer.  We used Windows 7 for this install, but it should be similar on other versions of Windows.  This version of MameUI will not work on 32-bit versions of Windows such as Windows XP, you will need to download MameUI32 from the Roms and More Emulators – MAMEUI section.  The installation and setup will be the same as the 64-bit version.


Download MameUI64

Download MameUI64 from the ROMs and More Emulators – MAMEUI section.  Here we have downloaded it to the Downloads folder on our computer.

Download MAMEUI64

Extract MameUI64

This tutorial assumes that you are using 7-Zip for all of your archiving needs.  It is a fantastic, easy to use and best of all, FREE utility for managing archived files.  You can download it from the Roms and More Utilities Archive-Zip section of their website.  If you are using a different archive tool, the steps may not be exactly the same but should be similar.

Right-Click on the file and choose Extract files under the 7-Zip menu.

Extract MAMEUI

Next you will be presented with a dialog box that asks you where you want to extract your files to.  You will want to change the path to C:\  This will create a folder named MameUI64 on the root of the C: drive.  We like this location because it is an easy and convenient place for it.  You can choose wherever you please, but for the rest of this tutorial we will be assuming it is installed on the root of C:.



Now Click on OK and 7-Zip will begin extracting the files for you.  You should see the following dialog box and it will close when it is done.

Extract MAMEUI


When the dialog box closes you are done installing MameUI64.  Next you will want to navigate to the MameUI64 folder on the root of the C: drive, that is where we have it.  If You installed it in a different folder, just navigate to that folder instead.



Open the folder and you should see the following.  Now before we move on, you will want to make sure you have some roms in the Roms folder.  You can download MAME roms from the Roms and More MAME Roms Section .  Check out the tutorial for adding roms for MAME for instructions on adding roms before we move on to the next step.  If you have roms in your Roms folder you can now double-click the Mameui64.exe and launch MameUI.



Now, before you can play any games, MameUI needs to know which roms are installed.  You can start the process by clicking on the File menu and selecting Audit All Games.

Select Audit All Games


Once it starts it will take a few minutes to run.  It should look like the following.  In this example we have only installed the roms that were referenced in the Adding Roms to MAME or MAMEUI tutorial.

Auditing All Games


When the program finishes auditing the games simply click the Close button to close the dialog box.

Close Audit


Now click on the Available option in the upper left hand of the screen.  This will select just the games that are available (installed in the Roms folder).

Click on Available Games


Now select a game from the list and double-click it to run the game.  In this example we are choosing the classic arcade game 1942.

Launch Game

If all has gone well you should be able to play any working game that is installed.  Enjoy!

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