Fails to Deliver

FromYouFlowers.comI normally order flowers from, but the last time I ordered some roses for my wife they were wilted and looked terrible.  So, with Valentines day approaching, I decided to try a new flower shop online. This time I ordered flowers from  They weren’t any cheaper than, as a matter of fact they were more expensive, even using an $11 off coupon. Also, they charged extra for Valentines day delivery and charged delivery fees for both orders, even though I ordered both at the same time. However, I was more concerned about the quality than the price.  So I ordered some roses and a teddy bear for my Daughter and some roses and candy for my Wife.

The fromyouflowers website itself was easy to navigate and checkout was simple and quick.  I would say it was as good as any online shop that I have ordered from.

Unfortunately, we received two of the order for my Daughter and nothing for my Wife.  So I called to inquire and they assured me that my Wife’s order was on the truck for delivery.  To make it worse, the flowers and candy never showed up even after the rep at assured me that the flowers were on the truck and out for delivery. Then to add insult to injury, I received an e-mail from them stating that my Wife’s flowers had been delivered.  I the just decided to ask for my money back.

The picture above is the two orders for my Daughter.  They were delivered from two different local flower shops.  Both look good, with nice flowers and cute bears.  Most importantly, my Daughter liked the flowers and loved the bear (the one on the right, it was super soft).  So I am satisfied with the one order.

All said, I am very unhappy that my Wife did not get her flowers and candy.  I will not use again.

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