Jeff Reviews Stuff AvatarHi.  My name is Jeff and Jeff Reviews Stuff is my way of giving back to the web community that has offered so much help to me over the years.

I am a tech geek and proud of it.   I have worked in the tech field for 20 years and like to think I can help others when needed.

I am also a US Army Veteran, so I have interests that were developed during my 8 years in the Army.  In addition to technology, I enjoy working on cars, motorcycles, building MAME cabinets, electronics and video gaming in general.

I also have an interest in physical and psychological healthcare due to my own personal health problems and as such, my reviews, thoughts and tutorials will be influenced by my personal experiences.

Help me become a VA Disability Lawyer.

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  1. repsolrvtrc 02/10/2015 at 3:15 pm Permalink


    Thanks for the great info/review on the ML350 aftermarket GPS install. I am looking at the install and just think it might be out of my league. I too am an Army Vet and am curious as to your location and opinions of doing a side job???


    • Jeff
      Jeff 04/07/2015 at 7:09 am Permalink

      I live in Iowa, but I am not sure I would want to do an install on someone else’s car. I would suggest that you contact a local audio installer to see if they could do it for you.

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